February 19, 2009

I love to design logos. Mind you, these little guys are not easy to do and if you find a designer that tells you they are, please run away from him/her as fast as you can. So why are logos so hard to create/design/come up with? They seem simple enough. And therein lies the brilliance of a logo. Simplicity. They have to be simple, yet the message they convey is a complicated one. A logo needs to explain what a company/business does, what the philosophy is, what it stands for, who its audience is, etc… There’s so much information that goes into a logo. It’s hard, hard work, but still, I love designing logos. Next time you see a logo (hint: they are every where!) stop and take a look at it. Study it. Understand it.

If you are interested in logos, take a look at this video created by Chermayeff & Geismar. I saw this video a couple of years back at a DSVC presentation. It’s stunning. To view it in a cleaner version, log onto their website and under portfolio>motion graphics click on the logomotion detail links. This is well done kids. Enjoy.

My work.


4 Responses to “mmmm…logos…”

  1. drocolate Says:

    I love this blog. So much.

  2. rondostar Says:

    I like logos too. I hate logo tournaments and other logo contests too. I like gradients too. But I don’t like gradients in logos.

  3. Superchief Says:

    I agree with rondostar. The only great logo competition are ones where it costs nothing to enter them. Preferably judged by people with design training. Too many design contests are pure rip-off. You, by yourself, ought to know if you are a good logo designer without seeking external validation from some old stuffed shirts. Now get out there and f**k like rabbits, people!

  4. sozadesigns Says:

    hmmm…someone’s angry. I like this superchief character. Reminds me of the Buffalo Bill character in SOL.

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