French WWI Posters

March 24, 2009


Souscrivez pour hater la paix par la victoire.

While we were in Paris, we came across this poster in a open market on Port Vanves. A great find if you ask me. I’m still doing some research on it, but I think it’s an original litho from the period. Let’s hope so.

The artist is Paul Albert Besnard, a French painter working on watercolors, pastels, oil and etchings. This poster was designed, as so many other of its era, to enlist the French public to buy war bonds. The transaltion of the enscription is: 3rd National Defense Loan. Subscribe to hasten peace through victory.

We wanted to thank Ignasi for letting us know about the Port Vanves market. More to come on Iganasi and his “carteles” store in El Born, Bacelona. Fantastic.

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