Latin Graphic Designers

April 22, 2009

Boldrini & Ficcardi

Before I get into talking briefly about these two Argentinian graphic designer, I wanted to say that this is the first of a series of entries about Latin American Graphic Designers. I wanted to highlight what other designers in our continent are doing and showcase some great work being done in places like Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina. Chile, Cuba, etc…

Boldrini and Ficcardi are two Argentinians graphic designers who in 1991 set their studios in the Mendoza wine region of Argentina. They quickly realized that better packaging could definitely improve the market visibility of the high quality wines produced in their home land. The pair set aim to design elegant and sophisticated wine labels for most of the wine makers in the area. They now have an impressive list of clients, including some from Chile and the United States.

They also work on corporate identity and editorial design and their wine labels and packaging have won numerous international awards.Take a look at some of their work. If you can, explore their website. It’s a nice, simple and elegant site. More from me on wine labels. Cheers.

BiccardiandFiccardi Wine label sample.


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