June 17, 2009

Tierra de Lagos Y Volcanes

“Land of Lakes and Volcanos.” It really is. My wife and I recently returned from Nicaragua, my birthplace. It is a visually stunning place, with lakes, lagoons, mountains and volcanoes everywhere you look. In Managua alone, there are 5 lagoons, 3 visible volcanoes, 1 lake and several small mountains, all within a short drive.

We had a short stay in Managua, venturing out to Granada for a 3-night stay in the newly restored La Gran Francia Hotel. A gorgeous Spanish Colonial structure, painted brightly orange, with rustic rooms all with high ceilings and large, ornate, oak-wood doors. On our way to Granada, we made brief stops at Volcan Masaya, an active volcano, where as a tourist, one can see the clouds of smoke raising from the magma and lava deep in the volcano’s crater. We also stopped at the Apoyo look-out in Catarina, Nicaragua. A high point on the south shores of Laguna Apoyo. A pristine, emerald-colored water lagoon.

After spending time in the historically-rich Granada (the city, one of the oldest in the Americans, was founded in 1524 by Spaniard Conquistadors), we traveled south to Rancho Santana, a privately owned development on the Pacific Coast. This is a surfers paradise. If you have the money, I suggest you look into purchasing property here. The drive can get a little rough, but the views and location surely make up for it.

Below are a few pictures I took while our stay in Nicaragua. “Que viva Nicaragua, QUE VIVA!”




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  1. Amy Says:

    You took some great pictures. I am glad you guys had a good time I can’t wait to go. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

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