Trash around

August 19, 2009

It’s hot. Very hot. At least in Texas. And apparently in Brooklyn too. That’s why Jacko Weyland, a 40 year-old skater, has made some splash in Brooklyn with dumpster-pools. The idea is very simple: find an empty dumpster, line it with some thick, heavy-duty plastic and fill with water. Viola! A ready made pool.

Jacko, along with David Belt, Alix Feinkind, are part of Macro Sea, a group who’s mission is to do “projects we find interesting”. Whether in Brooklyn, Texas, or anywhere else, I hope people continue to find interesting ways to live their lives. Now, let’s go dumpster diving.m-s-pools-kids-with-euipment-7-03-09m-s-pools-kids-with-tenzin-looking-up-7-03-091m-s-pools-tables-and-chairs-and-water-tower-7-02-096333_101640670826_752765826_1995195_43994_n-500x375

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