Brand “Frags

March 16, 2010

The following quiz is taken from an article found @ Issue Magazine. (@ Issue. The Journal of Business & Design. Volume 8 no. 1)

Brand “Frags”

In 1984 design planner and theorist Jay Doblin of the respected Doblin Group noticed how brands have become paramount to corporate identity in the minds of consumers. To illustrate the power of effective brands, Doblin created a quiz out of fragments of national and global logos, which he flashed on a screen a few seconds at a time. Doblin called the quiz “Frags.” Here we’ve updated Doblin’s 28-year-old quiz with some contemporary logos. See if you can name the brands based on the close-up portions shown. You will probably be surprised by how many you can identity — a compelling argument for why distinctive graphic branding, applied often and consistently is key to a strong identity program.

Note: I have updated some of the logos found on the @ Issue “Frags” quiz. Also, if you do not have copies of @ Issue Magazine, I strongly suggest you get some. Extremely informative and very well designed.

To get a larger view of this quiz, click on the image.

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