Dear Steven Seagal

April 19, 2010


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Eye Candy. Sony

March 12, 2010

Beautiful ad. Blurb on  youtube: This project was created to show off SONY’s new HD television systems and is being broadcast in SONY stores everywhere.


Thanks to the talented Mr. Robert Manly for sending this info. Here are the credits for the Sony “Eye Candy” video:

Client: Sony Electronics
Video Program Manager: Lisa Gonzalez

Agency: chickINchair Productions
Executive Producer: Kim Tierney

Live Action Production Company: Superfad
Director: Will Hyde
Director of Photography: Martin Ahlgren Production Designer: Jason Puccinelli Wardrobe Design/Stylist: Heidi Meek Make Up: Bryin Smoot Line Producer: Scott Ludden

Design & Animation: Superfad
Executive Creative Director: Will Hyde
Creative Diretor: Carlos Stevens
CGI/VFX Director: Dade Orgeron
3D Artists: Tom Oakerson, Phiphat Pinyosophon, Andrew Butterworth, Yas Koyama, Alex O’Donnell, Dimitri Luedemann, Billy Maloney
Compositors: Tom Oakerson, Paulo Dias, Loren Judah, Dorian West, Sohee Sohn, John Stanch, Soyoun Lee, Dimitri Luedemann, David Holm
Editors: Ryan Haug
Flame Artist: Andy Davis
Head of Production: Chris Volckmann
Executive Producer: Rob Sanborn
Music: Matt Hutchinson



October 21, 2009

For all you Cowboys Football fans, and football fans in general. Via adhunt.

TrueBlood Ad Campaign

May 6, 2009


Ad campaign for Trueblood, an HBO® series about vampires. Sookie..

Monkeys. Gorillas, Baboons, Orangutans. Simians.

As some of you may know, I’m fascinated by monkeys, all things simians. They’re funny, they’re powerful, they get angry and they can sell/move products.

A few years ago, I had a company called MonkeyThoughts. I didn’t do anything with this so called company except create a logo. I thought it was funny and clever. You can be the judge of that. Couple of years later,  it morphed into a more robust endeavor; SimianSoul. Again, it had a monkey for a logo. See for yourself.

My latest fascination with these mammals is an ad done by the folks at Fallon UK. Hope you enjoy. Check out the other ad. Funny stuff.