How to make it in America is a new comedy/drama series from the producers of Entourage created for HBO®. It follows two twenty-somethings from Brooklyn as they hustle their way into the NYC fashion scene. What got me into this show is the excellent intro. With music from Aloe Blacc (I Need a Dollar), the opening sequence is energetic, colorful, vibrant, hip, cool — everything NYC is about.

As soon as I know more about the credits for this intro, I’ll update this post. In the meantime, enjoy.

You can you download the full version of I Need a Dollar here.


Another one bites the dust

November 10, 2009

Best use of music in a commercial.

I’m not sure if this ad won any awards, but as far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best uses of music in a commercial. I can’t remeber when this ad came out, but I remember it well and remember what company made it — AIWA.  Isn’t that what ads are for?

This is one of my favorites brands. One of the few company logos I wear on my chest. Puma is probably another one. Funny that these two companies are from the same family. Literally. Read here.

My favorite Adidas are Stan Smiths (the original green tag) and the very cool Gazelles. For soccer, nothing is better than the classy Copa Mundial.

So onto the ad. Created by Sid Lee Agency and shot in Beverly Hills. Some of the talent you will see here are: Kevin Garnett, David Beckham, Russell Simmons, Missy Elliott, Young Jeezy, Katie Perry — I wonder how much money they paid for this. If you like the music, this song was originally done by Frankie Valli, called Beggin. Remixed here by DJ Pelooski. Thanks to adgoodness for the post. If you want to hear other proposed versions of music for this ad, check out Boogie Studios. Thanks to Bernoi Martel for the link. Enjoy.